Edge is now Blue!


You’ve been hearing us tell you how great the technology of The Edge is, with its unparallelled flight range, endurance, vertical take off and landing, hover on target, and more…but don’t take our word for it- let the Defense Innovation Unit tell you!

We’re excited to announce that The Edge has recently been approved by the Blue sUAS 2.0 program, administered by The Defense Innovation Unit. Using the highest standards for performance and security, the program clears innovative drone tech for purchase by US federal agencies.  

After months of rigorous testing and analysis, the US Air Force granted an Authorization To Operate (ATO) for our Edge 130 Blue, Edge 130 Blue GCS and Mission Planner, as well as 5 of our camera payloads including the Overwatch Gimbal and Mapping Array. Our drone system also passed a series of demonstrations with…well…flying colors…showcasing its mission planning, launch capabilities, range, endurance, NDAA compliance, operational safety of flight procedures, and cyber security, as well as proving to have the longest flight times of all other Blue UAS approved drones.  

The Edge 130 Blue is indeed the perfect tool for government and military ISR (intelligence, security, reconnaissance), mapping and mission planning applications. With long range autonomy and high-accuracy aerial imagery capabilities, it provides near real-time situational awareness to ground forces. Plus, it’s lightweight at only 1200g (2.65lbs) and can fly for over 2 hours in forward flight mode. A single pilot can deploy the Edge in under a minute and immediately begin capturing imagery to generate 3D models, terrain and thermal maps.

To land an Edge 130 Blue of your own, send us a message at govsales@flightwave.aero or head to our website at www.flightwave.aero/edge-130-blue/.

Even if you think your business operations may not require such rigorous benchmarks, you’ll certainly rest assured that the same high quality standards and innovative technology are within reach through the Edge 130 Enterprise, the commercial counterpart of the Edge 130 Blue.