Firefighting Takes Flight: How Drone Technology Helps Firefighters Stay Safe


Firefighters are community heroes, not because they run from danger, but because they run toward it. Being brave is one thing, but understanding their surroundings allows firefighters to make life and death decisions. Getting more information in real time is the key to being so close to danger and not getting hurt. This is the future role of drone UAS technology, to provide real-time information to decision-makers on the ground.

Rather than taking critical time to coordinate a plan on foot, drones give firefighters a 360-degree, birds-eye view of the inflamed area. This enables first responders to see exactly what’s going on in any situation, improve their reaction time, and help keep them as far away from danger as possible.

Having a drone with interchangeable payloads, like the FlightWave Edge, is immensely valuable for firefighting. A drone equipped with an infrared sensor can quickly locate people and animals, so firefighters can more efficiently complete their rescue missions and save more lives. Drones can also identify hot spots to help firefighters determine what parts of the fire to attack first and where areas of particular danger might lurk.

Drones are not only a useful surveillance tool while a fire is burning, but they can also be instrumental in investigating the cause of the fire after it’s extinguished. Since the fire might have compromised the structural integrity of the building, UAS technology gives firefighters the ability to identify the source and access damage without risking their lives by entering an unstable building keeping personnel safe and evidence intact.  The FlightWave Edge is the perfect tool to help firefighters stay safe. With its interchangeable payloads and enhanced flight time, the Edge is designed to make any mission possible.