Gain Independence with FlightWave’s Payload Partner Program


Give your ideas the freedom they deserve without having to build an entire aircraft with FlightWave’s Payload Partner Program. Get a UAS that can soar where you need it to. Carry your unique payload to the spot you want, whether it’s over land or sea. The FlightWave Edge™ UAS is a highly capable drone. It lives up to its highest potential when you put your new idea in the air. Open source files are available so you can design your own Twist-Lock nose cone. Then your new sensor or camera will easily mount to any FlightWave airframe in seconds. No tools required.

Whether you’ve long been searching for a solution to a particular challenge, or you had an idea spark in your head, FlightWave’s Payload Partner Program is your answer to the question: “How can I make this happen fast?” It’s an exciting way for you to focus on what is important to you, the data. FlightWave’s expertise is in aerospace and design. We focus on improving the airframes, allowing you to focus on your mission. The Payload Partner Program is like Independence Day for your technology and your data.

You’ll find everything you need to start the process in the open source downloadable development kit file, from three-dimensional models to data and power interfaces. There’s no obligation: download the files, and get going!

Want to share your new payload idea with the world. It’s a good thing to share. Submit your idea to our FlightWave engineers, once approved FlightWave will certify your idea and support the payload on our website.

Once your payload is certified, FlightWave will partner with you in the manufacturing process. We’ll help integrate your technology, so you can share your sensor with the world. The FlightWave Twist-Lock Payload System allows your team rapid development and the ability to start data collection immediately.

Gain your mission independence in days or weeks, not months or years. Once you start testing, you can quickly gather data, identify any problems, and iterate your design with minimum time and expense.

When you’re ready, just apply for official FlightWave Certification of your final design. We’ll get you into production fast. You can even generate business for your technology by offering the payload as a swappable option for new and existing FlightWave platforms, as all Twist-Lock collars are interchangeable between airframes.

We want you to join our ecosystem.

Go enjoy all the freedom your creativity can conjure, by leveraging the FlightWave Payload Partner Program.