Edge UAS

You belong to a select group of professionals who run challenging missions in tough environments. You need a versatile, airborne tool — something with high endurance, high speed, and long range.



Swappable Payloads


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Aircraft Features

The FlightWave Edge UAS is a hybrid tricopter fixed-wing aircraft system that:

  • Takes off and lands from anywhere, seamlessly transitioning from VTOL to horizontal flight
  • Requires no nets, catapults, or other cumbersome ground equipment to operate
  • Enables quick, tool-free assembly, and payload swapping to get you from packed to flying in a few minutes
  • Lets you easily automate your flight with a large, bright touch-screen controller so you can focus on your mission
  • Allows you to actively pilot the drone with an interactive joystick as if you were in the cockpit

Customizable Payloads

The Edge™ is highly customizable, so you can tailor it to suit different missions with a variety of payloads. It’s high wind rejection and weatherproof resilience empowers you to fly your mission come rain or shine, through stiff wind, and in fast-changing conditions.

The FlightWave Edge™ UAS keeps your budget low while launching your capabilities to new heights. Comparable aircraft systems cost thousands more than the highly affordable Edge™.



Vehicle Mass

1,200g | 2.65lb

Maximum Payload Mass
300g | 0.66 lb
Energy Storage
Packed Dimensions
31.5x20.8x12.5 in or 80x53x32cm and fits most airlines carry-on specifications
Maximum Cruise Speed

26 m/s | 58 mph | 50 knots

Maximum Wind Tolerance
21 m/s | 46 mph | 40 knots
Optimal Cruise Speed
14 m/s | 31 mph | 27 knots
Endurance: hover only
30 minutes
Endurance: 95% cruise
120 minutes
Solar Endurance Boost
47 minutes (optimal cruise)
Comm Frequencies
900 MHz Telemetry | 2.4 GHz Manual Control | 5.8 GHz Video  

Note: Payload mass and wind conditions change flight performance. Values shown reflect nominal payload mass and calm wind conditions.

High-resolution mapping

Up to 60 megapixels per second high-resolution camera array or 620 acres at 1.0-cm resolution per flight

Real-time imaging & video
Gimbal-stabilized 1080P @ 60FPS video onboard, and VGA video up to 10 km away
Thermal imaging
FLIR Vue Pro thermal camera captures 640 x 512-pixel images with 0.1 C thermal resolution
Up to 16-megapixel images in six distinct spectral bands for agronomy and marine applications
Integration of new or custom payloads is easy with Edge's swappable payload bay. Go to payload partner program page

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Lock in your chance to get a high endurance, high speed, long range, weatherproof VTOL with a highly customizable payload at an outstanding price. It’s easy.