InterDrone Podcast - Trent

Podcast: UAV Breakthroughs in Environmental Impact Studies


Join us for the inaugural episode of the InterDrone Podcast featuring Trent Lukaczyk, Chief Technology Officer, FlightWave Aerospace Inc. as he dives into the breakthrough use cases for drones in environmental impact studies. You’ll find out how hyperspectral and thermal imaging helps researchers track marine life patterns as well as some of the methods researchers currently employ to measure runoff on coastlines.

Trent also shares his vision for the future of UAVs in research and how he and FlightWave plan to address the challenges presented by short flight times, and beyond-visual-line-of-sight operations. If you want to find out more about FlightWave, head over to its website or you can meet the team and their brand new drone, The Edge, at InterDrone this September 6-8!…Have a Listen!