Colibri 6X


The Colibri Dual Channel EO/IR stabilized camera allows for up to 6.6x ZOOM in both day and night missions. Switch between color camera and Infrared camera view directly on the controller. Two types of camera control are available to the pilot. Manual joystick control is available for reconnaissance and target acquisitions. Object tracking software is embedded in the payload for faster more accurate gimbal movements, allowing you to stay on target.  EO/IR object tracking points the camera to track a subject within the camera’s range, ensuring the subject of interest never leaves the view.  Geo location captures the position of the camera, its line of sight, and extracts location of observed objects with unprecedented accuracy



  • Colibri stabilized gimbaled dual sensor system
  • 6.6x Color zoom camera
  • Infrared camera
  • Object tracking system embedded in payload for more accurate tracking
  • Manual control for reconnaissance “look around” & target acquisition “lock on”
  • Switch easily between thermal & optical view to track hard to see targets. …Even when in camouflage or hidden by shadows