CONFIGURE Download Brochure EDGE Fly like an airplane
Hover like a helicopter
Take off and land from anywhere

FORWARD FLIGHT HOVER FLIGHT AUTO PILOT EXPLORE CONTROLLER TOUCH SCREEN FlightWave’s enhanced autopilot technology allows entire missions to be planned and executed with a few swipes. Autonomy spans multi-rotor and fixed-wing flight via exclusive thrust-vector control, allowing for seamless transitions without pilot input or manual control. Leverage numerous pre-programmed mapping and other missions or design your own in seconds. Embedded payload controls allow cameras or other sensors to point and swap modes easily.

Edge UAS Independently tilting the motors provides precision control in any conditions without the need for aerodynamic surfaces or tilting the vehicle FlightWave vehicles leverage thrust-vector control via patented tilt-pod technology for superior performance Patented tilt-pod technology

FlightWave SURVEILLANCE FlightWave allows payloads to be swapped in seconds with no tools or special equipment - no need to buy a new aircraft for every camera or sensor. Its payload interface is open and available to anyone interested in getting new technology in the sky quickly and inexpensively. 20.2 MP 1.0" Sensor
f/1.8 Lens
3.6X Optical Zoom
COLIBRI 2 GOPRO HERO 6 FALCON EYE Surveillance sensors are either gimbaled or downward-facing, designed to return real-time data to the operators or collect video & imagery for later use 34x Zoom
EO/IR Stabilized
Thermal and RGB Camera
12 MP, 4k, 60 fps Video, Wide FOV, Geotagging 20x Zoom
Dual-Channel EO/IR
Micro-stabilized Two-axis Gimbal
Green, red, red edge, near IR (global shutter, narrowband) Mapping sensors are downward-facing, designed to collect a large number of still images over a large area for downstream data processing