FlightWave is a California based aerospace company that specializes in developing long-range, autonomous VTOL drones and sensors. 

We’ve designed and refined The Edge 130, our flagship product over years of intense development. Unlike traditional fixed-wing aircraft, the Edge 130 does not have flaps or rudders. Instead, it utilizes smooth control surfaces and patented ‘tilt-pod’ motors for thrust vectoring flight control, allowing it to seamlessly transition between multi-rotor and fixed-wing flight modes.

This unique capability caught the attention of the DIU’s Blue sUAS Program, leading to the Edge 130 receiving an approval for procurement by the U.S. Department of Defense.

The Edge 130 has several key features that make it highly versatile and well-suited for both commercial and defense applications.

We’re committed to driving the future of long-range aerial autonomy and aim to provide pilots worldwide with cutting-edge UAV solutions contributing to various industries, including environmental monitoring, construction, energy and utility inspection, public safety, emergency services, and land surveying.