FlightWave Aerospace Systems Inc. is a California-based aerospace company that designs and manufactures unmanned aerial systems. Our groundbreaking technology enables aerial operations anywhere on the planet, empowering government agencies, private companies, and nonprofits to get more mission for their money. Whether your goal is protecting assets, mapping the environment, or monitoring wildlife, FlightWave has one mission in mind — yours.

We started FlightWave out of our frustration with the endurance, speed and non-weather resistance of the UAS technology in the marketplace. Our founders began their journeys as Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Astronautical Engineering Ph.D. students at Stanford University and have been passionate about ocean conservation and finding a better way since then.

We created our Edge UAS to meet the demanding needs of maritime and ocean conservation. Using vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing technology, precision landings on a boat or small surface area are possible even in high gusts. Fly longer than ever before, plan missions with a few finger touches. Fly missions where others can not. Enduring high-winds and difficult flight conditions was the design goal in creating the Edge UAS. Though the Edge UAS was created with maritime and conservation in mind, the adaptability of the Edge UAS has captured the attention of customers for missions across all industries land or sea.

Our goal at FlightWave is to help you soar and excel at your missions. FlightWave Aerial Platforms, Edge UAS and Jupiter UAS, bring the versatility you need for your important work. We've created our payload ecosystem with interchangeable parts to help you get more mission for your money.

Whether you’re focused on maritime, agriculture, conservation, energy, public safety, or other environments, our mission as a company is to bring your vision to the world.