Drones Help Keep Construction Sites Safe, Efficient and on Budget


Drones are being used in the construction industry to help worksites stay safe, stay on task and stay on budget.

In a 45 year career, construction workers have a 1 in 200 chance of being fatally injured on the job, according to Safety + Health. Drones give workers the ability to monitor construction sites without stepping foot in the work zone. The use of drone technology gives workers a unique way to examine sites without risking personal injury as work progresses.

Drones can also help construction workers and supervisors communicate more effectively. Rather than workers, supervisors, and customers coming to the site and walking through to survey for updates, drones give them the ability to connect with multiple people in any corner of the globe and give them a virtual walk-through.

Additionally, the use of drones can help keep jobs on target. Multispectral cameras and sensors mounted on drones enable workers to view work sites from previously impossible vantage points, allowing them to compare current site conditions with the original plan. For example, the FlightWave Edge accommodates easily interchangeable payloads, so workers can put different sensors into the air to gain a bird’s eye view that can be instrumental in making sure the work is progressing as it should and help determine corrective steps when problems are spotted.

The Edge’s ability to give construction supervisors accurate views of a project’s progress helps them save time, save money and remain agile at all stages of construction.