Leading the Evolution in Fixed-Wing Drone Technology for Aerial Surveillance


In the dynamic realm of aerial surveillance, fixed-wing drones are setting new standards, redefining the landscape with their unique capabilities. These drones are changing surveillance operations by offering superior endurance and range, making them indispensable assets across diverse industries and use-cases. Among these, the Edge 130 stands out, combining the stability inherent in fixed-wing design with vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), all packaged in a portable unit that can be swiftly deployed in minutes.

Fixed-wing drones boast long distance flight capabilities, allowing for extended missions over expansive territories. This sustained operational efficiency translates into heightened productivity and cost savings, as organizations can achieve comprehensive area coverage in a single flight, minimizing downtime and optimizing resource utilization. The Edge can fly for 2 hours in forward flight mode.

Additionally, the Edge 130’s high-speed coverage capabilities make it a valuable asset for time-sensitive surveillance tasks, including emergency response and rapid reconnaissance missions. Its swift deployment and broad area coverage enhance situational awareness, enabling faster decision-making and response times in critical scenarios.

Advanced fixed-wing VTOL drones like the Edge 130 expand the range of operational environments. With the capacity to carry a range of payloads, The Edge excels in surveillance applications, including environmental monitoring, aerial mapping, and security operations. Pro Kit includes two, quick-swap payloads tailored for mapping and intelligence & reconnaissance missions: the Mapping Array and the Overwatch Gimbal.

As businesses and security agencies increasingly recognize the strategic advantages offered by fixed-wing drones, they stand to gain significant benefits in terms of operational effectiveness and cost efficiencies. Fixed-wing drones represent a leap forward in aerial surveillance technology, providing superior performance essential for a wide array of monitoring tasks. The Edge 130 offers a unique blend of stability & versatility for surveillance strategies across various domains.