Sentera Double 4K


The Sentera Double 4K agriculture sensor simultaneously captures normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) and high-resolution RGB imagery, quickly securing valuable crop health data in a single flight.



The Sentera Double 4K is a small, fully customizable twin-imager sensor with configuration options that make it ideal for use in agriculture and infrastructure inspection applications.  With every snapshot, both cameras capture 12 megapixel still images in a variety of wavelengths and geotags the images in real-time. There are two configurations of this camera available – one tuned for agriculture, and another built as a general-purpose multispectral camera.  The Agricultural Configuration captures a full-color image, and an image tuned to Red, Green and Near-Infrared. It can be further configured to directly stream an NDVI image in real time. The Multispectral Configuration captures five single-band images (Blue @ 446nm, Green @ 548nm, Red @ 650nm, Red Edge @ 720nm, Near-Infrared @ 840nm).  It can be further configured to generate images in full color (RGB), as well as images of the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI), and normalized difference red edge (NDRE).